A Taste of Nature Cure

A group of 42 people came together for a residential camp on Nature Cure from April 12 to 17, 2019 at Sadhana Forms, Pollachi. Our camp was a beginners Level 1 camp in Tamil. Many of us reached before noon to be warmly welcomed by the Level 2 participants. 

We also took part in the delicious farewell programs and meal served to celebrate  Level 1 participants of outgoing English batch

The Level 2 participants were very open to our questions and made us feel very comfortable in the new environment. Interacting with them gave us so many insights and we could also see the results of following Nature Cure for a long time. They guided us and helped us register our health info using aKarma software platform.

We consider ourselves very blessed to have learnt Nature Cure from Dr. Arun Sharma. His oration style, encouragement for questions of all sorts, the anecdotes he shared and the energy he carried got us all hooked to the subject from day one. At 79, his grace and zeal for life were a big inspiration to follow Nature Cure. The the gleam in his eyes and the joy he radiated when interacting with us even after 3 months of non stop lecturing showed us the benefits of living a life anchored in these principles. He also stressed that one of the biggest aspects of good health along with positive food and positive thoughts is to find an occupation that does the same magic within us. I couldn’t have agreed more.

A typical day at the camp started with Yoga followed by alkaline juice and then therapies, which included sun bathing and hydrotherapy. Suguna Amma handled the therapy with so much expertise for women and Vinoth shared lecture demonstrations of therapies for men.

After breakfast we headed for the interactive classroom sessions followed by salad preparation for lunch. Post lunch we had another classroom session which was followed by a relaxing walk in the premises and volunteering for dinner preparation. 
After dinner we all gathered again for a session of singing and laughter. We would go back to our tents or shared rooms by 9 p.m.

Our batch had a mixed age group ranging from 18 months to late 60s. We had 5 children among us, with the most significant questions coming from them.

The aspects of good health, 5 fold food, indicators of health, vital economy, how disease is our friend, the philosophy of Nature cure, treatments, how therapy works, the theory and practicals of including the 5 elements of nature for our everyday life were some of the key points discussed in class. We were left dumb founded many times by how simply and quickly Nature works for us. In short, we learnt a bit to tune ourselves into our inner intelligence, to trust our own bodies and nature that  created it.

Padma patti a 102 year old, Nature Cure practitioner who lives in the premises gave us so much to learn from. She was full of energy and happiness to meet us all and was another living example of many things we learnt here.

Due to some circumstances, Dr Arun Sharma had to leave a day earlier than planned.  So we also had the privilege of learning from full time volunteers, Ananth and Roopa,  who were very open to all our questions.

Raghu engaged us in classroom sessions on Basics of Nature Cure from multiple perspectives and walked us through a subject quiz which tested and deepened our knowledge in a fun way.

Santhosh taught us many subtle, yet very effective practises during our Yoga sessions. We are also indebted to volunteers like Nisha and Arabindh for helping us come together and for the delicious meals. Dhamu and Thangavel Uncle are the invisible backbones of this camp and kept the infrastructure ready and up so we could enjoy the fruits.
Also, the online group support is the backbone for our transition to this lifestyle. aKarma Life also give us a wonderful platform to track our progress everyday, learn recipes and stay committed to good health.

It was so heart warming to experience unconditional love and kindness from everyone. The camp proved to me that it is possible for people from different backgrounds to come together and become one big family and experience the Law of Unity first hand. With every passing day, we became more closely knit and formed a sangha that will keep us motivated to sustain this lifestyle change.

aKarma Life believes in the culture of gifting this priceless knowledge, where one batch of participants can choose to gift this course to the upcoming batch. We pay it forward,  many to many.  And this way,  people from all economic backgrounds are able to benefit from this wonderful knowledge and practices without our egos coming in the way.  

Lot of gratitude to all the volunteers who have come before me to aKarma and who have made me receive this blessing. May the ripples of good health touch many more lives.