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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

What would be Nature Cure recommendation for healing of toothache, and swollen gums?

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aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago

First and foremost thing that we should remember is that Nature Cure does not aim to remove symptoms (results) of disease, but aims only to improve our overall health.

In addition to following all guidelines to improve health, we may try some of the additional guidelines to help us in reducing pain or suffering while keeping in mind only to activate healing and not impede our life’s effort in its process of removing the accumulated filth. That is the main process of any disease or dis-ease.

All guidelines to reduce suffering may be given to show that one need not resort to any medicine or pain killer – whether inorganic chemicals or herbal which may postpone or delay the disease process.

For the condition of lowered health indicated by tooth ache:

Fasting helps,

Gargling with Arugampul/Dhruva grass/Bermuda grass juice helps. If there is no wound, the juice can be swallowed.

If this grass is not available, holding room temperature water in the mouth for a few minutes and spitting out, repeat 3-4 times in one session can help.

Chewing on a spindle of this grass folded like number 8, also helps. A paste of leaves of Manithakkali/nightshade/Solanum nigrumĀ  on the affected region also helps. So does sun exposure of the affected region.

Applying a mud pack to the whole head, face and neck for 30 minutes helps. For this purpose, any mud dug from a depth of 1 foot and finely filtered can be used. If this is not available, a non-irritant vegetable pack can be applied.