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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

In Nature Cure, one of the paradoxes we encounter is that we eat food and food eats us. How do we understand this conundrum?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Whatever is rightly eaten is eaten. What is otherwise eaten eats the eater. The former is conducive to longevity and health. The latter is quite otherwise.11.41.

In this great treatise “Swaadheena Swaasthya Mahavidya” composed by my revered grandfather Acharya K. Lakshmana Sarma, who is also revered as the Father of Nature Cure in India, one of the teachings from the Taittareeya Upanishad that food is eaten and it eats beings is brought out.

Adhyate vidhivadbhuktaM  atti bhogthAra manyathA l

AyuSyaM swAsthyadaM pUrvaM anyathaivettarat smrutaM  ll 41 ll

आयुष्यं स्वास्थ्यदम् पूर्वं अन्यथैवेत्तरत् स्मृतं   ll ४१ ll

It depends on when, how much and how you eat the food. The same food eats you if it is eaten more than one’s need, in the wrong time (without hunger) in the wrong manner (without chewing) and with a wrong attitude (eating for greed and not for need or eating with emotional imbalance).

If people then wonder why they are getting sick in spite of taking so-called nutritious food, they should analyze their lifestyle.

Whenever they see that they have cravings for snacking between meals, check if the greed or dissatisfaction can be stopped altogether or be reduced by eating just a piece of fruit or raw cucumber.