DWQA QuestionsCategory: 5FoldFoodHow does Hydrotherapy work?
aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

What is the mechanism of hydro therapy? Can you give an example?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Wherever there is a pain, there is also heat. When the body is actively engaged in removing accumulated toxins from a part of our body some heat is generated in that part. Due to the heat, there will be some distention of nerves and flesh and that produces pain.

On the other hand, if we cool that part of the body by continuously running cool water over that part, the nerves and flesh will be contracted and the pains also go away. This we call as ablusions.

There was a person who had severe pain in the appendix and everyone around that person strongly suggested that he be taken to an emergency ward of a nearby hospital. But that person was already undergoing Nature Cure treatment for his other health problems. So he strongly insisted that I should be called to help.

I let him lie down in a recliner and set him up in the front lawn of the building. where he stayed. I got a wooden pivot stuck in the lawn ground and tied the garden hose end to this stick in a manner that a slow and steady stream of water poured out of the hose over the appendix area where the pain was so severe.

I wrapped a thin wet cloth over his eyes and let him try to sleep.in five minutes of ablusions, the patient got a lot of relief from pain and was sleeping deeply without a problem.

When he woke up, we helped him to clear his bowels and go on total fast drinking only water for about 24 hours. Then he was on dilute juices of vegetables for the second day.

By the end of the second day, he felt absolutely normal. As a precautionary measure, he was on a diet on dilute juices of vegetables. Fourth day he returned to his regular diet of taking fruits in the morning and raw vegetables salad for lunch. His dinner comprised of a soup of vegetables along with a mash of a cup of brown rice.

this way, hydrotherapy helped avoid surgery and kept his organ intact.