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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

In emergency situations like COVID,  many of us having problem in getting vegetables. How do we handle this?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago
Soak, Sprout and Grow in the Answer.
Case Study
When I had gone to treat a patient in Marwad, (Rajasthan) they told me that they do not get any fresh vegetables in their village. They only get onion and potatoes in most shops. I started the treatment of that patient with a 3 days’ fasting. I simultaneously soaked some groundnuts, wheat, almonds, whole green gram, and horse gram etc. I changed the vessel and water every 8 hours. I also sowed seeds of fenugreek, spinach and coriander in different trays.
On the 4th day he had just the water from all these sprouts – 4 times. 5th day he chewed some sprouts which had become long enough like a plant. On the 6th day, we had ground some sprouts along with dhania leaves, spinach leaves and diluted with water. While other treatments of solar and hydrotherapy went on, the patient recovered fast and was able to eat spinach roti and soup of some sprouts.
Many of the whole grains (Cereals and Pulses) and seeds included Ragi, green grams, horse gram, coriander seeds, spinach seeds and other millets grow as sprouts. Every day, we can sow them and harvest the leaves many times by not pulling them out of their roots.
There are some dry fruits which can be soaked in water and taken by making a smoothie with soaked almonds or other dried nuts’ milk.
Each one of us should get into growing our own kitchen garden with simple hings like these.
Soak, Sprout and Grow