What is aKarma.health?

Health is the natural state of a living being. This health remains or is restored (when it decreases) as long as we do not interfere with the natural functioning of the body. We interfere with the laws of nature due to the weaknesses of our egoistic self like fears, cravings and aversions.

Akarma is action that is selfless and spontaneous. aKarma.health is a way of maintaining and restoring health that is free from our ego’s interference and cooperates with the natural and spontaneous intelligence of life. Such an approach to health, in spite of the severity of the illnesses we may experience, feels effortless.

Offerings of aKarma.health - for registered members

  • ♦ Yoga and Pranayama
  • ♦ Meditation
  • ♦ Food Preparation and Mindful Eating
  • ♦ Therapies that use the five elements
  • ♦ Habits for Health – simple daily practices
  • ♦ Being a Health Buddy
  • ♦ Dharma of Health
  • ♦ Health Indicators
  • ♦ Five-fold Food
  • ♦ Metabolism
  • ♦ Unity Theory
  • ♦ Disease Progression and Retrogression
  • ♦ Vital Economy
  • ♦ Fasting, Hydrotherapies
  • ♦ Therapies that utilize the Sun, Air and Silence
  • ♦ The Role of the Mind and the Spirit in Health
  • ♦ The Dharma of Health
  • ♦ Diagnosis, First Aid, Therapeutic Aids and Alternatives and the Wisdom of Non-Interference
  • ♦ Assistance and Care Giving during Illness
  • ♦ Assistance and Support during Death
  • ♦ Online courses – TBD

If a member of aKarma has health issues, the member is welcome to explore the necessity and benefits of staying at one of the farms in the aKarma network to improve health. Once the decision is made, he or she can arrange the schedule and show up on the agreed upon date. During the Farm Stay, the health-guest will be given a Dinacharya (a schedule of daily practices) to follow and he or she will be assisted in this. The purpose of the Farm Stay is not the “treatment” of any disease. Instead, it is to increase health through simple, nature-based practices and to learn them so that the practices can be carried forth to one’s own home. The length of the stay will be determined according to the needs of the health-guest. As it is with all our services, the Farm Stay is also offered as a gift.

Periodic gatherings are a great way for people to keep their motivation, learn and share new things, reinforce existing knowledge and ensure a consistently healthy life style. Any member of aKarma can initiate, and with the help of other members, organize such workshops and meetups. These are mostly half-a-day or one day gatherings in any suitable venue – a home, a farm, an ashram, a school etc. Some typical topics are: Hands-on Therapies, Cooking Healthy Snacks, Recipe Workshop, Fit for X – Focus on wedding, child birth, sports etc.

A member of aKarma commits to support others in any way he or she can and is in turn supported by other members during an illness. The support is given and received in many ways. The following are the support mechanisms available for members:

  • Health Buddy – at any given time, there will be a list of people who have made themselves available at our website to be a Health Buddy to support a member going through a health issue. A member can add one’s name to the list or request for a buddy. Once a request is made and accepted, a Buddy Space will be created for that pair. In that space, the pair can mail or message each other, upload files etc until health is restored.
  • Q&A – Members can access a live-repository of Q&A that covers a lot of concepts, practices, how-to’s etc and contribute to it or access it.
  • Health Local – Members can sign up with one of the local groups that has active, daily exchanges to support one another
  • Health Ensurance – Members can choose to sign up with a health expert in the network and designate that person as the Family Health Support Person. Each family that signs up commits to sending a daily health feedback for each family member to the support person through the mobile app Ensurance. The support person’s job is to continuously monitor the health conditions of the family through the daily feedback data. He or she would then send the family monthly reports and take proactive measures if needed and guide the family in a timely manner towards health. He or she will also be available through phone, email, messaging etc for consulting for any health issue the family might face. In turn, the members who have signed up with an expert commit to support that person through a self-chosen subscription fee. Through this arrangement, the health of the family can be ensured. This is better than a health insurance that merely provides financial assistance.

The journey from illness to health of any person is a great source of inspiration and information. Especially so if the process was nature-based because what is gained here is much more than health. aKarma will post high quality case studies that cover the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of many people’s health journeys. Members can access and contribute to the case studies.

Members can access the Recipes section and also contribute to it. It will have food recipes under different categories in text and video formats. But this is not just a collection of food recipes. It also has recipes (structured guidance) to grow your own ingredients, for smart shopping, for overcoming inertia in trying new recipes, to become a health food entrepreneur etc.

These are member created videos that explain how to:

  • ♦ Do a therapy
  • ♦ Prepare a particular recipe
  • ♦ Support a person’s health journey
  • ♦ Organize a pot luck gathering
  • ♦ And more…

Members can read this blog and post to it with one condition: whatever they post must be part of their experience. So even if they are sharing an article from another source, they need to relate it to their own experience and give their personal angle to it.

  • ♦ Health Camp – Level 1
  • ♦ Short Workshops and Meetups
  • ♦ Recipes
  • ♦ Blog to read and comment