aKarma.eco | natural farming, green buildings, products & services

“Eco” represents the natural environment that we work-in, work-with and work-on to address our needs and wants. By keeping in mind the very source of our existence clearly in focus, we hope to modify and recreate all the practices, infrastructures, products and services we need, to align with the laws of nature.

Since 2009, first individually and then as a group, we have committed our lives to natural farming, green buildings, products and services as consumers, producers and now with the launch of aKarma, as an integrator.

As consumers and producers, we stood on the shoulders of legends such as Fukuoka and Laurie Baker and have been living in sustainable homesteads; and have been sharing our experiences with a growing population of people with similar aspirations.

As an integrator, we are being guided and supported by inner transformation related practices like Vipassana and ecosystems like Service Space to provide online and offline support for anyone seeking to live an aKarmic life.

Coming soon…

  1. Profiles of Homesteads in the aKarma network
  2. Profiles of organizations offering green products and services in the aKarma network
  3. Online support: Websites and Apps
  4. Offline support: Awakin, Workshops and Retreats