Welcome to Permaculture Food Forests with Chau and Hang

We’re planning to host a Permaculture and Food Forests Course on a farm near Coimbatore, South India.

The course is going to be facilitated by Mr. Doung Quang Chau, who will be assisted by Ms. Hang Mai, our friends from Vietnam.

Mr Chau is a permaculture practitioner with hands-on experience — he lived in a forest for 20 years and trained in Permaculture under Bill Mollison. He was on the founding team of speri.org and in 2015, he moved out to live on the farm. Now he prefers to call himself a farmer or a gardener.

Ms Hang Mai is a community builder who also the translator of Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution in Vietnamese, which has set off a mass movement especially among youth.

Chau and Hang Mai live on a 2-hectare farm with a thriving food forest in a house built with recycled materials. They have been spearheading the Back to the Land movement in Vietnam through their hands-on training programs on their farm.

Mr Chau realized the value of Permaculture courses but also that it was not affordable for most people, so he started offering it on a “Pay what your heart is moved to offer” basis. He focuses on the creation of food forests.

Update: This course is full now.

*When?* January 2nd – 7th, 2020

*Language of Instruction?* English

*Location?* Near Coimbatore

*Type?* Residential

*Contribution* Pay what your heart feels like.

1) This session is *for participants with a serious interest in land and permaculture only*. It is not designed as an introductory course for beginners.

2) We will have limited seats. And we are looking for *a small number of highly interested participants* who will engage in the classroom and also in the field ACTIVELY for the entire week.

3) Please note that all *participants must stay free of addictive substances* for the entire duration of the course.

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