Experiential Nature Cure Camp Winter 2018

This camp, conducted at Sadhana Forms, Pollachi from December 25 to 31 attracted a vibrant crowd of children, young adults, adults, couples and seniors – bonding with each other as one large family despite language barriers

The sessions were ably guided by Suguna Amma and Vasanthi. Reflections and questions were navigated by Ananth. Though Tamil was the primary language of the camp, English translations were provided to those in need. The course content covered areas like core values of Nature Cure, Metabolism, Toxemia, Vitality, Unity Theory and Fasting.

The participants learnt not only about the physical aspects of health, but the holistic health along with its various dimensions like emotional, financial, cognitive, creative, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational health.

The participants learnt to connect with themselves, observe and identify the bodily indicators, understand the body’s natural language and communications. The participants were also able to evaluate their present wellness baseline with respect to these dimensions.

Integration of the five elements into day to day life was experienced through Intermittent Fasting / Feasting on Ether, Pranayama and Yoga, Sun basking, various hydro therapies like Spinal Bath, Hip Bath, Mud and Herbal Packs, healthy and holistic earthly food.

The team engaged in group activities for playing, singing and dancing. Emotional let-go led to almost all the participants dancing together in Kummi Aattam.
Holistic health improvement involves understanding of the dimensions and the consciousness levels of the individual to arrive at their lifestyle management plan.

Each participant also worked at the goals of health they would like to set, identify the roadblocks and arrive at an implementation plan to bring about a positive health when they head back home.

Like never before, this batch of participants took over the kitchen completely and the space was filled with meaningful discussions around nature of food, emotional connections, recipes and more.

Padma Patti, a practicing Life Naturalist who had recently completed 101 years, blessed the participants abundantly.
On the closing day, when many participants voiced their experiences and gratitude, they were encouraged to stay in touch through the software platform and online group.

Krithika, one of the participants from Nagpur also shared her experiences in her blog.

We hope to hear from many of these participants in the near future.