Nature Cure, Level 1 with Dr Sharma

This Level 1 Nature Cure camp, hosted at Sadhana Forms, Pollachi from February 4th to 10th and stewarded by Dr Arun Sharma attracted 30 plus people from various backgrounds, all united by their enthusiasm to learn about and experience Nature Cure

Over the course of the week, the participants learnt fundamental tenets of Nature Cure and core principles like Metabolism, Vitality, Disease Progressoin and Regression, Unity Theory and role of Fasting.

The morning Yoga sessions were delightfully guided by Dr Arun Sharma. He also met with participants one on one prior to the course which established a personal connect and a daily plan of therapies.

Suguna Amma took care of therapies for women and also championed the kitchen where participants received hands on training in batches.

The participants learnt to observe and identify the health indicators, and track and evaluate their present wellness baseline.

Integration of the five elements into day to day life was experienced through Intermittent Fasting / Feasting on Ether, Pranayama and Yoga, Sun basking, various hydro therapies like Spinal Bath, Hip Bath, Mud and Herbal Packs, healthy and holistic earthly food.
The subtler elements of mind, intellect and ego were also brought into focus as wellness indicators.

Special emphasis was placed on occupational health, trying to answer the questions of what do I do with my life and what should I do with my life?

What was wonderful about this group was that they self divided themselves into 7 teams and took care of 7 different functions, from classroom care to maintenance of toilet baths on a rotation basis making the camp self sufficient.

The presence of 4 kids added a special energy to the space. So did the presence of 101 year old Padma Patti. Every evening, there was a celebration with dance and music and on the final day, a feast was laid out with music, dance and skits created by participants.

The bond has stayed till date and even though some of the participants like Thana are from a different time zone, they all keep in touch through group messaging and encourage and motivate by sharing their practices and answering one another’s questions.

Volunteers connected with these participants 3 weeks after the course and learnt that many of them have experienced changes in their body and mind by sticking to the principles and practices. Some of their observations are listed below.

Poorna: Am getting up early…have returned back to my yoga routine. My eyesight has improved. Hearing my experience, my son has started with sun gazing and sun bath from today.

Ramesh: I am totally out of my mouth breathing habit (snoring ) by the early dinner habit. And determined do practice the same the rest of my life.

Kanirajan: My sleep pattern has been reset to normal…I go to bed early and wake up early.

Partheepan: My acid reflux was reduced, marks yet to be given 3/10, throat pain, ulcer sore was also reduced, weight loss of 4 kg has happened
Jothirmani: Now I wake up at 5am with out alarm. Every day, am doing Pranayama, and yoga. Am feeling fresh all day. There is no tiredness.

Kanipriya:  Am feeling light. Intake of fruits and salads helps in more flexibility during my running and dancing. I could feel am well hydrated. I recently have observed that I feel calmer and positive towards people and situations. I had been off Nature Cure lifestyle for few days due to weddings. But came back soon. Our group messages and photos motivates me and helps me.

Swapna: I used to have terrible pain during my periods but it has gone down enormously . I sleep well.. go to bed early and wake up early. I finally found out the difference between hunger and craving.