Experiential Nature Cure Level 1 – Summer 2019

An Experiential Level 1 Nature Cure Camp happened in Sadhana Farms between 23rd and 29th May 2019. Around 35 participants from various parts of the country participated along with 13 kids who participated in a parallel Kids Camp.

The spectrum of participants in the Level 1 Nature Cure camp included a group of homeschoolers, children, Nature Enthusiasts, homemakers, professionals and more.

The camps were hosted by aKarma, a conscious living community at Sadhana Forms, Pollachi.

The Kids Camp was guided by Suguna Amma, Dhamu, Ananth, Vel Muttiah who involved them in Healthy Food Preparations, Arts, Making Bamboo products, Handmade soaps, etc

The Level 1 camp was facilitated by aKarma volunteers like Nisha Srinivasan, Vasanthi Sankar, and V S Vinoth Kumar.

Both camps were offered in the spirit of Giftivism.

Community members Dhamu, Ananth, Roopa, Suguna amma, Thangavel Appa and Raghu ensured the smooth happening of camp.and supported in the therapies, hosting meditation & yoga sessions, creative connect sessions etc.

After several years of hosting experiential Nature Cure Camps, aKarma Community members wanted to bring in even more experiential learning elements in the camp by integrating activities for head heart and hands.

Classroom Sessions were split into pre-lunch and post-lunch sessions lasting 2 hours each. The topics covered health indicators and listening to the body, fivefold food and metabolism, disease progression and retrogression, the role of fasting and other subtle foods, Vitality and the Law of Unity. Special activities were designed to make the learning of abstract concepts like Vitality simpler.

We hope that the revision of content done by participants themselves after every session had an impact on the retention of learning. These sessions were moderated by a facilitator.

Creative elements such as creating songs, dancing and skits integrated participants in addition to group discussions, question answers, quizzes and reflective exercises

The experiential part f tentative daily schedule included activities such as Meditation, Yoga Classes, Sunbathing, Non Violent therapeutic applications, Spinal Bath, Hip Bath and Localized applications based on the needs of the participants, The menu included Alkaline Juice after Yoga, Mono Fruits for Breakfast, Raw Vegetable Salads for lunch and Conservatively Cooked foods for dinner. Every day, a different group of Participants took charge of the kitchen. Guided by volunteers, they learned salad making and healthy cooked food preparations.

Participants also learned to track their Diet & Lifestyle through the aKarma Software Application and how to work with a Health Buddy to improve their wellness practices. Camp participants continue to interact online through aKarma Nature Cure Sangha Whatsapp group.

One of the senior Nature Cure Practitioner Padma Paatti ( 102 years old) was present in the camp venue and many of the participants visited her to have a conversation, take blessings from and photographs with her. Padma Paati received the participants enthusiastically and as always, had a gift ready for each child, This was the last camp that received her blessings as elements of her physical body united with the elements of the universe in mid-August 2019.