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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

How can I make at home a general purpose natural cleaner that can clean clothes, dishes, floors and ceramic wares?

1 Answers
Moonstar Doad Staff answered 4 years ago

Recipe for Multi Purpose Natural Cleaner:

8 lemons cut and seeds removed.

3 liters of water.

250 gm brown/cane sugar

Mix together, keep air tight.

Open lid on 3rd day and release air.

Keep closed for total of 30 days. Or 45 days if you are more patient.

For washing clothes:

Open and use 20 ml of this in front loading machines in place of laundry powder.

For Dish washing, Toilet Cleaning and  Floor cleaning:

Use the same liquid in desired concentration and quantity

Alternative for Floor Cleaning

Neem leaves can be boiled , and to this water, lemongrass /citronella/mint essential oil be added , and this mixture can be used for mopping floors.