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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

What are the basics of choosing right food?

Even among Indian systems, Nature Cure and Ayurveda have different ways of looking at what is good food.

1 Answers
Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

What is the basis of choosing the right food?

According to our understanding, all foods are good. But you need better food for better health.

Ayurveda originally was not different from Natural Hygiene since it was based on the regulated principles of work, rest, food and rest kind of lifestyle where one has to simply reestablish the balance between work and rest as much as eating and resting. But in later years Ayurveda changed into a medical system due to commercial purposes, where they included initially herbal medicines. In later years they included concoction of inorganic chemicals also.

That is why a movement had to be initiated to revive Natural Hygiene based completely on Nature’s laws of health.

Coming answer the specific area of your question. Why do they warn their patients not to take raw vegetables and why do they prescribe drinking milk?  Only they have to answer that question.

Nature Cure can answer as to why we restrict milk and encourage our patients to take plenty of raw vegetables.

Nature Curists believe that a good food should have the basic three ingredients to be better than other foods. They are water, fiber and life.

Milk has water, but no fiber and no life as we get the milk today. Even the fresh milk does not have fiber. How many have access to fresh milk today anyways?

Next in question is that foods that come out of doing any violence to any life also carries the ill effects of the ill full deed in procuring that food. Animal milk belongs only to its calf. We humans, deprive the right of the calf and snatch it for our consumption. How can that benefit us in any manner? Next is that there are plant source foods which are far superior to animal milk.

We all know scientifically that raw vegetables have water, fiber and life. They are filled with many nutrients packed in a perfect proportion of nutrients that best suits our safe consumption. The only important principle in eating raw vegetable salad is that they come from a safe source and we have to chew them thoroughly before we swallow each morsel fo food that we put in our mouth.  The other precaution is to eat them without adding any salt, lime, pepper, oil, or commercial salad dressing. We teach people  ways of making a very tasty raw vegetable salad.