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Bare-feet running on roads – aKarma Life
DWQA QuestionsCategory: BodyBare-feet running on roads
aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

What about running barefeet on concrete/tarred roads?

1 Answers
aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago

Our feet gives instant feedback, that we will immediately change the striking force while the feet lands. So when we run bare-feet, on asphalt roads , we would automatically land our feet lightly where as when we are running on beach sand, we would striking our feet with a lot of force to gain extra traction. The problem when we wear cushioned shoes is , our feet doesn’t get real time feedback to adjust the force . So we use a lot of unnecessary force, and cushioning only masks the impact but it actually ends up in a lot of wear and tear .

Please note that there would be a bit of teething phase for your feet to adjust and adapt (like some blisters or hardening of soles of the feet, etc.)