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aKarma User Staff asked 2 years ago

I want to introduce Nature Cure to my friends and family. What are some of the basics that I can communicate as a Nature Cure Primer?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 2 years ago

It is good to talk about the What, Why and How of Nature Cure and wait for more questions. Some pointers that can help articulation about this.


What is Natural Hygiene? It is a system of improving health through natural means. We believe that health alone is real and disease is only a diminution of health. Simply by taking measures to improve health all our ails will go away.

Natural Hygiene believes that in order to repair our body we have to use the same materials out of which we are made. All living beings are made from the basic five elements. Ether, air, sunlight, water, and earth. Whereas the first four are direct, food, the fifth element is represented by the plants which grow on it. Proper use of each of these elements forms the natural therapeutics which helps in establishing sound health.

What do we do when we get sick? In today’s world, most of us would resort to a pill or two. A natural hygienist, however, would follow the principles of nature to get well.


Medication is prescribed only for the management of diseases, not its cure. Natural hygiene began from time immemorial and is a tried and tested practice by millions of organisms. It is safe because it does not use any medicine or chemicals; all ingredients are what you could naturally find. It is fast and effective, economical and affordable.