DWQA QuestionsCategory: 5FoldFoodAre certain vegetables like Brinjal to be avoided?
aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

Can I eat vegetables like Brinjal that are supposed to have small amounts of toxic substances ?

1 Answers
Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 4 years ago

Every vegetable and fruit contains a variety of organic chemicals out of which some may be very useful to our body and some may not be good for us.

As long as they are organic, the body knows how to accept what is good and eliminate what is not good for us. The only precaution that we have to take is to chew our food thoroughly before we swallow each morsel of food. Our mouth is a great chemical laboratory where the food we eat is thoroughly examined and all the list of information about the chemicals/nutrients is sent to our brain. Most of it is rejected straight away from the mouth if the taste of the food is too unpleasant or oppressive.

In the next level of evaluation, our brain cells will decode the details to the respective part of our digestive system to prepare the consistency of the digestive juices in a manner to manage the digestion of the needed mineral salts or other forms of nutrients.

All that said, we cannot forget that there are primary foods and secondary foods. Whatever cannot be eaten raw and alone as a full meal cannot be primary food. Brinjal is a secondary food. Our lessons teach us to eat primary food freely and secondary food sparingly.