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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

We hear so much about high cholesterol levels and heart attacks these days. How does Nature Cure lifestyle help one have a healthy heart?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 4 years ago
Nature Cure does not make a distinction between health of our arteries and overall health.
In our body, our arteries have formations like highways and narrow lanes. and the blockages are mostly due to inactivity or working out of table, sitting on a chair all day.
Toxins, (called bad cholesterol in this context) become solidified in our arteries due to stagnancy of this cholesterol. If we engage in running as an exercise every day, our heart health is very good and the blood circulation is also very good.
One needs to start with walking and progress to gentle jogging and then running as the body becomes capable.
Although we spend a lot of our vital energy by doing these vigorous activities like running, it is better to keep doing these exercises regularly and keep our track clean.
And it important to eat mostly cleansing foods like raw fruits and vegetables. These will also keep our arteries clean.
If there is a blockage in our arteries and capillaries, our heart tries to push it off the road with a higher blood pressure.  When as a result of increased blood pressure, a person may feel exhausted and feel the lack of energy in the limbs.
Most people who think that energy comes from food, start taking food to overcome lack of energy.  This does help for a short time because all other works goes to the back stage because the digestion of food takes priority and engages immediately with the dealing of digesting food.
Once that work is done, the blood pressure goes up again. People see that it has become a serious problem and they rush to check themselves with a medical facility where pills are prescribed.
The pills try to reduce the blood pressure in two predominant ways. One is to weaken the heart, and the other is to thin down the blood. Both these methods are undesirable.
One can appreciate the role of positive food and exercise here.