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Nisha Srinivasan Staff asked 4 years ago

What are the differences between Tona and Enema?

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Nisha Srinivasan Staff answered 4 years ago

There are many differences between Tona and Enema.

The main purpose of Tona is to  serve as an internal wet pack for the colon,rectum and intestines. The cleansing part is an additional outcome . Whereas in an enema, the main purpose is to empty the rectum by flushing it with lot of water repeatedly until they are sure there’s no more fecal matter.

Tona is used only after natural excretion or the best efforts made towards that.

Tona is always done using drinking water at room temperature. There are different kinds of enemas done with water, coffee, salt, lime, herbs etc.

Tona is done with 150ml of water which is enough to fill the rectum only. Enemas are usually done with 1 litre of water. Some may use upto 3 litres also.

In Tona, one retains water as long as one is comfortable. There can be a fixed retention period in using enema.

Tona is a sattvik hydrotherapy useful in many situations.