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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

If mind rejects holistic food, but it is eaten forcibly, will it still be able to work and do good for the body ?

2 Answers
aKarma User Staff answered 3 years ago

Digestion will be done well when we enjoy natural, whole plant based food.

If tongue and mind reject the food, even if food is deemd healthy, the juices necessary for proper digestion of the received food will not secrete properly.  And metabolism will not be optimal.

We also need to experientially understand that when we enjoy a certain food without (m)any additives, it is an indicator of good nutrition in that food.

Unfortunately, unhealthy foods often seem to taste better than healthy foods. This is exactly what the processing industry aims to produce. Thousands of scientists and food chemists devote their life to develop ingredients with intense tastes that excite our taste buds. Every single processed food item will have sugar/salt/MSG/hydrogenated fats that improve the mouth feel & taste of food and are addictive.  After
years of eating foods with these processed ingredients our taste buds become conditioned to the intensity of the taste, and by comparison, healthy foods may not seem to have as much flavor. However, we can always recondition our taste buds and sensetise our dopomine responses by consuming natural foods for few weeks and soon we will start enjoying the natural tasts and flavours of wholesome foods.
So, to answer your question – few weeks of forced eating (with understanding) might help both mind & body to accept and enjoy.