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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

Why is so much importance given to the sun in Indian culture?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

On Pongal or Makara Sankraanti day it is customary to worship Sun. We recognize him to be the leader of all that lights up and the one who creates days for us.

Sunlight gives us life essence with his light and heat. All planets revolve around it and the influence of other planets on the earth producing different effects on the living beings while creating different seasonal effects also. It is also an ancient Hindu cultural practice to celebrate harvest festival in South India as Pongal and in north India as Lohri.

Happiness Booster!

What is the purpose of wishing each other happy Lohri or Happy Pongal? It is a custom that reminds us of the need to be loving and good to others around us and seeking wellness for all so that we can also live in harmony with our surroundings. When we are happy we become more healthy.

Better Friend

Sun is called Mitra (Friend) because without any partiality Sunlight gives help to one and all living beings. Our own friendliness or brotherhood to other living beings gets promoted with the influence of Sunlight. We become more charitable like the great Karna of Mahabharatha epic, who was known for his indiscriminate charity to one and all. So Sunlight is the booster of our moral character.

Improves Eyesight!

The photo sensitive cells in the  retina of our eyes gets rejuvenated and we are able to see better by gazing at the Sunrise daily for some time.

Improves Skin Health!

Our skin health improves with regular exposure to Sunlight ,  People who expose their body to Sunlight regularly gets good pigmentation and have smooth and clear skin.

Stronger Bones with Sunlight.

Sunlight converts Ergosterol (a fluid below our skin) into vitamin D which is essential for improving bone health. Vitamin D combines phosphorous and Sulpher with oxygen and makes a good bond to make strong bones.

Hope you take advantage of Sunlight by moderately exposing your body on a daily basis to make a good overall life!