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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

What are the benefits of jogging and running?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Some people ask,  “We have heard that walking, jogging and running helps to improve health of the heart”.

Most of us think that we can do different specific things eat specific foods for improving health of each part of our body. Actually there is no such thing, We have been influenced by the medical system to believe that different parts need different medicines to cure. In Nature Cure the whole body is an organic whole unit. Whatever we do for the whole body helps every part of our body. We improve over all health and every part of our body works better.

When we walk, jog or run, we actively engage our body to move and almost all parts of our body works to cooperate with our goal and we see an improved blood circulation. All obstructions in the body is pushed out and our body is rendered cleaner and more active.

There is an unimaginable flow of joy that comes from within bringing the kid in us out. We feel stronger and more active than before. It comes to you free and gives you abundance of health in return.

Start small, but keep progressing every week. It is for every one irrespective of age. Be careful not to strain too much. Do a little more than your limit every day. Your body structure will gain proper proportionate body.

There are some important instructions in this also like for any exercise you may take up.

  1. Keep your body straight, not stiff.
  2. Keep your lips closed all the time during exercise. Breathe only through your nose and not through your mouth. This is important to maintain lung health.
  3. Watch your path and be careful not to trip and fall.
  4. When you get tired, slowdown first and if necessary, sit and relax for some time, and start the running again.
  5. Start running for 5 continuous minutes to begin with and gradually increase it to continuous 15 minutes . Keep up this duration daily.

It is good to relax well after exercise and take a shower to wash off the body of whatever sweat there may be.

Eye sight surely improves with better blood circulation and improved flexibility of nerves.