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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

We have approximately one trillion cells and three trillion micro organisms in the body. There is a lot of awareness about having healthy cells but not about the health of this biome population. How does Nature Cure look at this?

2 Answers
Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 4 years ago

Let us recall the Law of Unity.

All that we talk about in Nature Cure as nutrition is also for the health of our micro-organisms and not just the body that we see as you, me, he or she.

The health of an individual living being is the sum-up of all the health of all micro-organisms. Just as the health of a nation is the sum-up of the total health of individuals in that nation.

To understand better care of our micro-organisms? we need to learn how to introduce elements subtler than water in our daily life.

There are several ways of using Sunlight, Air, and Ether in our daily life; leave alone the great fund of information to deal with more subtle elements like Mind, Intelligence, and Ego.

Do not look at micro-organisms individually. Because the need for each individual microbe is different from the other. Individual organism is endowed with an intelligence to accept only what it needs from what we provide.

If we do fasting, we are providing the much-needed space for a healthier and more active life.

If we are disturbed mentally, we are disturbing every organism from doing its regular healthy activity properly. When such activities are delayed, we create more chances for the decay of matter in the body. This, in turn, ruins the health of some thousands of microbes within minutes.

We need to provide our body with essentials like water, fiber, life, and alkaline fluids in our food. We also stress on the importance of Pranayama sets followed by meditating on our breath.

It is impossible to either think of individual microbe and try to do something for it. Let us simplify matters and try to learn to give subtler inputs which are more effective.

Other activities like designing a life plan organizing a combination of your skill and passion in a project to help oneself and others will keep us forging ahead with a purpose of life and leave the rest to the intelligence of our life, including microbial population.

Adding Nutrition science prespective to what Sharmaji has explained beautifully  РMicro organisms feed on fibre and multiply & thrive in our guts. So, providing whole plant based foods without refinement is the simplest & safest way to provide fibre. Consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables will ensure diversity and numbers of benefitial micro organisims in the gut. Also important is to ensure that we do not consume too much protein rich foods. High levels of protein in the diet lead to more protein surviving past the small intestine and into the large intestine increasing protein putrefactive bacteria. which can produce an array of harmful metabolic byproducts.