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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

How does a disturbed mind affect the body?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Any disease condition can worsen with a scared or worried mental state.

Take a simple example is of a running boy who falls down. If you do not even look at him the chances are that he will stand up, dust himself and start running again without getting disturbed with his fall. If you or the mother screams that he has fallen down, he will surely react to that scream by starting to cry even louder than the mother’s scream and continue to scream until after everyone around is calm and pacifies him. He will experience real immense pain also.

There are so many other people who have problems like bronchitis, or asthma having shortness of breath. On normal days people do not breath deeply. most of us are shallow breathers. But when we have a condition which restricts our breath, we get so scared that we struggle to breathe more than the body can allow and finding the incapacity to do so scares us even more. This, in turn restricts our breath even more. On the contrary asthmatic patients who were guided through a meditation session became very peaceful and could even sleep peacefully.

Diseases, which get affected by mental disturbance, are termed as psychosomatic diseases by medical people. Depression and insomnia are also under that catagory. We in Nature Cure do not have that category separately. In fact, we care only about health and not about diseases or their categories.  We believe that our physical, mental and spiritual health is one and indivisible. Whatever we do to improve our physical health should at the same time improve our mental and spiritual health through Nature Cure because we use all the five elements of nature in a non-violent manner. Medical help, on the other hand, introduces in the human body things which are not congenial to the body and definitely disturbs the body of its plan to improve health.

How do we offer some extra help in Nature Cure to such patients? Simple yoga asanas, Pranayama or deep breathing exercise, leading to relaxation through meditation sessions help such patients immensely.

Additional help can be given through hydrotherapy and solar therapy.

Everything that we can do to improve our physical health through artificial means is bound to disturb both our mental and spiritual health.