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Ananth Srinivasan Staff asked 3 years ago

Many people say raw food intake is causing an increase in mucus secretion. We know there is no mucus in carrots or oranges. How do we address this?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Mucus is not there as mucus in any natural/ raw food.

Just as gas or bile, they are products of human physiology. Mucus is also a product of acid plus salt. Carrots are alkaline, but oranges are acidic. When you eat oranges alone without any other food, it does not get converted into mucus.

Try eating any fruit, especially sour ones like oranges, with salt and you can see immediate production of mucus in your mouth. Chemical combination of mucous is usually called either a ‘glyco proteins’ or ‘proteoglycans’. We simply have to see that both these products are products of acid with sugar or salt.

We do not have to be carried away with names of different chemicals, because we are not going to deal with the composition with any chemicals or inorganic stuff to balance the chemistry.

We know that mucous is a useful product in our body. But we should make this stuff from good food.  We eat fruits and part of the products is a good quality of mucous from that. Our concern is only that we should keep the mucous circulating all the time and not stagnate; particularly in our lungs. Ample exercise can avert that.

It is the extra mucus which is stagnant that creates a problem in our body. If one engages in active exercise, this mucous will not create so much of a problem.

It is not wise to keep saying that raw food creates mucus or gas without going through the whole process.