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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

How can we practice Nature Cure in cold climate zones? Especially, how can we take in subtle elements when it is so cold outside?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 4 years ago

We have to find different ways to use different subtle elements like Ether, air, and sunlight to suit our geography.

Ether comes through fasting and it is easier in cold climates to fast.

If you have a glass door facing our balcony,  one can  move the curtains and have good sunlight where one can  take a full-body sunbath in the privacy of the home.

After running for 15 minutes, the nose would open up well and after some relaxation, follow up with Pranayama in an open space. The body will still feel warm from running. An additional layer of clothing can also be worn.

Brisk rubbing in different parts of our body (like the piecemeal cold friction bath), and complete body can be warmed up while we are getting air-bath for those parts.

As for the  gross elements,

Water quality is very high in colder places.

One can grow local, edible green leafs in pots for green juice and these pots can be brought indoors to a sun facing room during extreme weather.

Vegetables and fruits are available in cold climates in sufficient quantities though they may not be locally grown in winter.

By chewing well, raw fruits and vegetables can be brought to mouth temperature before  swallowing. And these raw foods nourish us with their nutrients drawn from the 5 elements.

There are places which are very cold, like in Antartica where it is not wise to live at all if we had the choice.