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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

You must be seeing people all around you risking their health. What are some common blindspots?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

Generally, in matters of taking care of your personal health, most of us would not like to take any risk.  Health is our greatest wealth; without which we cannot enjoy our life, no matter how much monetary wealth we accumulate.

Although we all know that there are so many different kinds of systems in our body which operate on its own without our having to manage them. The process of digestion and absorption of useful nutrients from the food we eat takes place on its own. Elimination of wastes, circulation system, respiratory system and so many other operations with mind-blowing intricacy and details! That simply shows us that our Life has this creative intelligence to manage all its activities to keep us safe all the time without our help!

When we eat and live as Nature intended us to, our body is operating in its best form and we get to do so many things for our occupation and pleasure!

The First Risk

When we get into a habit of eating foods that are denatured and processed; changing the food from its original natural state, we are taking the first risk! We start starving our body of its required nutrients which only natural foods can offer.

Now most of us do not realize that we are creating two kinds of problems in our body. One thing is creating a nutritional deficiency, and the other is to accumulate more and more wastes in our body which are very difficult to eliminate. Most of these manufactured foods lack the essential fiber, water, and life essence. Soon we fall sick! We took a big risk in eating these.

We should first know why we fell sick. If we remove the cause of the problem, we can gain back our lost health. Fast for a day or two to allow your body to remove the accumulated toxins. Then, start taking natural and healthy foods from plants that have a lot of water, fiber, and life essence. Our body will soon bring us back our lost health and enable us to live actively.

Most of us do not care to think about these simple facts that all sicknesses are due to our continued dependence on commercially manufactured and artificial products or even foods that are processed in our homes which destroys all the essentials of food.

The Second Greater Risk

When we fall sick due to the unnatural lifestyle, we once again forget to think that unless we remove the cause of a problem, we can never solve the problem. Many of us simply swallow some pills. We are taking the second risk!

The relief from pain makes most people believe that medicine cures diseases. Seldom do people analyse and see that by doing this, we are actually taking a leap into a never-ending saga of one disease to more serious diseases.

The safe way of dealing with an acute illness is to do some small sacrifices of not eating for a day, sipping a little plain cool water now and then. Rest with full trust in our Life’s capacity to heal us back to normal health and do not entertain any fear! This is no risk at all.