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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

Why should we add salt after cooking (and not during) ?

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aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago
‘Even if you cook your food, don’t cook the salt!’
When you cook your salt, it becomes concentrated. Intake of the concentrated salt solution increases thirst to such an extent that it forces you to drink water during your meal. This causes additional problems because
1.  Dilutes the digestive juices and spoils digestion,
2.   Sodium has an affinity for water and so it retains excess water in your body. Most of the obesity issues are issues of retaining excess water in the body.
3. It gets impregnated into the vegetables and pulses and it spoils the chemistry of the vegetables.

For a more technical understanding, we need to recall the saturation levels of a solute – A super saturated solution is one that has more than the dissolve-able quantity of the substance at normal temperature. The same concept is applied here. When the food is cooked, it is at a higher temperature and is capable of taking in more salt than at lower temperatures. Our intent is to lower the intake of salt – this is why we add salt just as it is required at a lower temperature (after the food is taken off the stove and cooled a bit)