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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

What is Nature Cure Perspective on sleeping during the day? I feel sleepy druing day but feel guilty after I wake up.

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aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago

Make sure you are getting enough sleep during the dark hours of the night and you are doing work, eating food and thinking thoughts that are in alignment to health.

There are two aspects that you are expressing
1. Sleep
2. Guilt

Be aware of both the states. NC is all about awareness🙏not carrying conditions be it fresh or old.

aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago

a. good blood circulation and maintaining healthy joints matterb. Sleeping early also matters.In 2009 , a study found that, assigning healthy adults to delay their bedtimes and wake up later than normal for 10 days — throwing their circadian rhythms and their eating patterns out of sync — raised their blood pressure and impaired their insulin and blood sugar control.Another study (2013) found that forcing people to stay up late just a few nights in a row resulted in quick weight gain and reduced insulin sensitivity, changes linked to diabetes.

Nisha Srinivasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Many times day sleep is an aftereffect of heavy food intake.
If one eats only when one is truly hungry and chews his food, usually one is not able to eat heavily.
If one HAS to go to sleep sooner than the needed 2 or 3 hours after meals, (s)he may lie down on his/ her left side.