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Sun Gazing – aKarma Life
aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

What is the process for sun gazing?

1 Answers
Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

There is no living being who can survive without Sunlight. We all get the life essence from Sunlight.  In my background I have grown up reading, and hearing scholars referring to all vedic scriptures like Taittareeya Upanishad , Rig veda and Yajur veda where praises of Sun (God) describes the immense blessings that Sun  bestows on all the beings on Earth,

Looking at the rising sun is referred here as Sun Gazing.

We have to plan this one day ahead. Go to bed earlier and wake up at least an hour before Sun rise. Complete your toilet calls and wash up. Slowly sip a cup of water by holding every sip in the mouth until it becomes warm and only then swallow. Come to the open air and look at the rising Sun with your bare eyes. If you wear glasses, remove them and look at the rising Sun with your bare eyes with eyelids wide open.

My experience has been always very pleasant doing this gazing of the rising Sun. I look at the rising Sun with reverence and adoration,

As I keep on looking at it, the color changes to orange, yellow, and then green .  I keep looking at this green ball (Sun) for some time and then stop this activity to the next one called Palming,

It should be noted that the benefits of Sun Gazing comes only after doing this second step called Palming. In this process, we come out of Sunlight, sit down and close our eyes. We cover our eyes with both our palms crossing each other in a manner that our eye balls are able to rest under the depression of our palms. Keep the eyes covered for some time until all images of the Sun vanishes from our eyes.

Now we are able to look at things around us clearly. Daily practice of Sun Gazing has helped even elderly persons aged 74 years to become free from their eye glasses. They were able to read books without their glasses. They were more composed persons free from their short tempered nature.  These improvements were amazing. !

What are the benefits of Sun Gazing?

  1. Eye sight improves.
  2. Peace of mind improves.
  3. Our brain becomes more active.

Our overall health improves.