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aKarma User Staff asked 2 years ago

What are the tenets that bind Natural Hygiene or Nature Cure?


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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 2 years ago




Nature Cure is bound with the following tenets.





*Thy food is thy medicine*: Everything we use should be natural, edible, non-poisonous, non-toxic, food that will be congenial to our body chemistry.

*Non-violence should be the cardinal principle to adopt natural hygiene*: The treatment should be adopted gradually and not drastically.

*Law of Dual Effects should be the guiding principle*: Every action will bring two reactions. One is Preyas or the immediate reaction and the other is Shreyas or remote (or ultimate) reaction. These two reactions are usually opposite to each other. The immediate reaction is temporary and the remote is more or less constant or lasting. We must choose actions that bring a desired ultimate reaction.

*Self Reliance (Simpler better)*: If we were to choose between two alternatives, we usually choose the simpler to the more complex. In our attempts to make our therapies, diet, exercise simpler we also instill the idea of becoming self reliant not only in matters of health, but also in life, and livelihood.

*Refer to the Vedanta*: Before we adopt any new techniques in regard to treating any one, whether by invention or by introduction of another, we would verify the principles of those techniques with the teachings in Vedanta which lays the framework for non-duality.

*Plant products*: In the order of creation, foods from plants are considered superior to animal foods. We choose to limit our treatments to foods from plant products only.

*The total approach*: Natural hygiene approach to treating a patient is mainly to improve the overall health of the patient. There is no consideration to either diagnose or treat a disease. There is no nomenclature of diseases in natural hygiene and therefore nothing is oriented in dealing with the disease symptoms or to cure a disease. Any therapy applied on the patient to relieve pain should at the same time improve the health of the individual and be acceptable within all other parameters mentioned above.

*Unity*: Disease and health are considered as a continuous process of life where our efforts are in improving the internal and external hygiene of the individual.

*Universality*: Although selections of diet, therapy and exercises may be tailored to individual needs, care is taken to include only those which may be applicable to one and all without creating any health complications.

*Purity*: In order to make it safe, natural hygiene prevents the use of medicines, drugs or remedies that are inorganic or herbal which cannot be taken as food and which does not help in improving health.