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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

Can you share some tips to make salads more palatable to kids who are not used to raw veggies? I guess this question would apply to some adults as well.

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aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago

Some observations from Kids camp and mothers who have been experimenting.

  1. Inclusion: Kids take to salads better when they are part of the process..Like when they choose the salad veggies and make their own salad, chances are higher that they will relish it.
  2. Involvement: Kids can be involved during purchase process itself so they can select their favorite salad veggies.
  3. Aesthetics: When they put salads together, talking about different colors and pleasing combinations of colors makes them combine veggies and experiment with combinations they like.
  4. Creativity: Arranging cut veggies in different patterns or even cutting the same vegetable in different patterns like circle, square, triangles and stars makes it into a game. Also kids can be asked to come up with their own new recipes.
  5. Portions: Serving too much salad in one go may overwhelm kids. Self serving is likely to help habit formation even though they may not eat as much salad as the parent would like them to eat.
  6. Variety: Kids love variety in terms of shape, texture and crunch. If veggies are small, like baby carrots or baby corn, they can be just washed and given as whole. If veggies are large like gourds or capsicum, strips can be made. Sprouts can be served as such.
  7. Not Mixing:  Kids may like to taste and test each flavour individually so better to serve each vegetable as a separate mini heap on the same plate.
  8. Toppings: Some kids may like a sweeter salad and prefer more coconut. Some kids may not like coconut and prefer soaked and sliced almonds instead. Serving more coconut for second and third servings seems to encourage kids to go for second serving of salads also.
  9. Letting go: If the child refuses to eat salad after trying it, it is better to let go than press the kid and make it a big deal.
  10. Values: Talk about the value of raw vegetable salads to others in the presence of kids.

It is very important for adults to make this change first. When we enjoy good health, perfect body weight and are always energetic, it can influence everyone at some point in time. I have had tons of such experiences. Clients come with – my spouse will not agree, in laws will not adopt, children will not like , etc, etc but in few months time they come back with amazing stories of how everyone is enjoying at different degrees. So, JUST DO IT!!!