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aKarma User Staff asked 4 years ago

Why does Nature Cure diet discourage use of spices, plant based spice enhancers like garlic and preservatives like chili, turmeic, asefoetida etc?

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aKarma User Staff answered 4 years ago

Spices and spice enhancers like garlic are not primary foods. And most of the spices are used in dry form and they lack fiber and cohesive water.

Among spices, the stronger ones may also irritate the walls of the stomach and intestine and are to  be used minimally in well ground form.

Milder spices  contribute to preservation of food and may even leave a stain inside.

Once food enters our alimentary canal, ideal case is quick and easy digestion and excretion with minimal residue.


Spices delay the digestion and preserve food inside. Preservation is the opposite of digestion.

We need to remember that “Food that does not go bad is bad food for us”

We do not want food to be preserved inside the body.

Irritant spices enable us to eat when we are not hungry. They also promt us to eat beyond necessity, sowing the seeds for disease.

When we eat for real hunger, we will enjoy sattvik food.

Hence it is good to avoid these preservatives while cooking the food.

For the same reason, it is good to avoid consumption of preserved foods like pickles.
An additional question may arise in this context based on certain medicinal properties of some of the species. For example, preservation is one property of turmeric but it is also anti inflammatory. Are we ignoring one property for another?

When we are eating right, any ingredient we consume is unlikely to cause inflammation. When we live right, we are not stressing our mind so there is no chemical secretion induced inflammation.
And if inflammation does happen because of a wound or an accident, it is a  necessary signal for us to rest and take care using 5 fold food