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aKarma User Staff asked 3 years ago

What are some guidelines for healthy living according to Nature Cure?

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Dr. Arun Sharma Staff answered 3 years ago

The following guidelines can one live healthy.

These guidelines work better if  the person can stop worrying and starts Living Happily :

a.  Ample exercise: This will enable our body to work more efficiently and distribute tissues to the appropriate places in the appropriate amount and build us a perfectly shaped efficient body where all organs work better.

b.  Adequate rest: This is mostly not understood properly by people. It is not how long, but how well you rest makes it useful for your body and mind to recuperate for all activities that await our attention for a healthy life.

c.  Positive Food comprises giving importance to supplying our body with more of subtler foods and adequate quantity of the gross food in the appropriate time. It goes along with our giving importance to all rules of eating which include eating only when hungry, only when mentally peaceful,  chewing our food thoroughly (Liquid or solid) and waiting in an upright position until the food is being digested in our stomach.

Among gross foods, the best is tender coconut water.

d. Positive thinking includes all aspects of life. When a person is sick, followers of Nature Cure sees it as a positive measure of Life to engage in cleaning our body of all accumulated filth and rendering it back to us in a much healthier condition. All obstacles or problems of life are actually challenges which we can overcome by choosing the right path. Problems are the step stones which we learn to step on and come up in life.

e. Engage in activities that bring out your talent and skill to combine with your passion so that it helps others to better their lives.  This part needs a lot of explaining and may need to be addressed on a different page. presently let us understand that each one of us needs a lot of activities to keep our body and mind healthy. If those activities lead us to bring out our special talents, skills, and passion and if it helps others, we feel a sense of fulfilment. that in turn reduces all our worries.