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Edward Begay asked 9 months ago

Roulette is the most popular casino game. Players with her help earned fortunes. Often many lost. In the world are dozens variations of roulettes. Learn about the most important.

History appearance

Traditional roulette invented French. There several opinions about her occurrence. Consider most popular:
1. Development games gifted to mathematician Blaise Pascal. Historians believe that entertainment become the outcome of experiments to create a perpetual motion machine.
2. There is a version about the origin of roulette as an addition to the older Italian game of biribi. Inhabitants of France changed some rules, added spinning wheel.
Over time the game changed, players created norms. According to the results the roulette acquired a modern type. However the stages of its development went through difficult times. Most often in Old World game played in inns. Attitude of authorities about gambling industry was negative. Periodically the roulette wheel was prohibited.
State of things changed thanks to of the Principality of Monaco. Local monarch legalized the gambling industry. As a result roulette gained necessary fame. Technology facilitated travel, this increased the spread of roulette. Started appearing new variations:
• European;
• American;
• Turkish and others.
Each variant has personal additions. However all norms unchanging.
Basic norms roulette
Wheel divided into elements. Each part has its own numbering. Dealer spins projectile in opposite vector from spinning of roulette. After some time it will stop the movement on some element. This will determine the prize.
Number sectors differentiated. Classic roulette divided into 37 elements. The American presents 38 sectors. Add 00. Players can make different variations of bets:
1. Per numeric value.
2. On a block.
3. Odd or Even.
4. Black or red.
Potential Profit determined by amount bet and type of concluded dispute. For example approximately equally probable outcomes multiplier x2. Establishment 2xes the player’s bet.

Will it win

The situation with the game is ambiguous. Players often announce fabulous winnings. However things are not so clear. Let’s consider the most known scheme of doubling.
The essence of the method is simple. Person must match any bet with multiplier x2. 1xbet app for ios example, take red or black. After should bet on one result and wait end game. If you win the result is fixed. After required make bet on the starting amount. In case of loss must double bet. Play required on the same outcome. Necessary outcome someday will come, player will pay back losses and earn. Prize amount equals to the first bet.
Method looks ideal. However the scheme has several expressed disadvantages:
1. Chance of the desired event less than 50%. Red and black sectors diluted with zero. In an infinite set of bets the mathematical expectation is negative. It means that the profit from the tactic goes to only the establishment.
2. People don’t calculate variance. Drop required field may not happen 20-30 games in a row. As a result user lose funds. Doubling up long impossible. Person will lose funds faster.
3. Often during calculations an error is made. Let’s give an example with tossing a coin. Hit reverse and obverse – events with the same probability. People often believe that having an obverse on the first throw chances of appearing a reverse on the second roll doubles. That is it reaches 75%. In reality this point of view is wrong. Throws not combined with each other. Therefore, getting an losing result reaches the mark of 50%.
But roulette win is still real. Advise avoid any tactics. Play must for your own joy. According to the results person can to get a good plus.