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Violette Guerin asked 9 months ago

How Does Lead Skimmer Work?

There are many speculations around Lead Skimmer. Before moving further, let us take a brief look at its history. This is a new lead generation platform created by Geoff Stephen, who is also the founder of Global NPN. Using this platform, it is possible to generate leads in two different ways, one by promoting Lead Skimmer and the other way is generate leads, produce sign-ups and sales for your business. In other words, this platform lets you generate free leads, irrespective of the business or program you are marketing. All you have to do… use Lead Skimmers patented Skim 3 software and every person you refer will get you leads. The best part – It is free and you DO NOT have to buy anything!

So what does Lead Skimmer (LS) really do? It was designed to build your list three times faster than any other methods you might be using currently. In reality, it builds your list much faster than that. All the leads generated are OPT-IN leads. You also get to boost your income with LS because the list that you are currently building using this platform can be linked to different platforms like Getresponse, Aweber and NPNs MMPro! For example: you gather a lead through Lead Skimmer, this lead also goes on your Aweber or Getresponse list, therefore the sign-up will be exposed to your offer and is now on your list, at your auto-responder and LeadSkimmer.

How does LS work? All you do is, register with the link sent by your sponsor, without paying a dime. Then after about 5 minutes you will understand the system and begin promoting the Lead Skimmer platform. The first three leads you gain are registered under your sponsor line and every lead following that will be yours and go onto your list. From there on starts your own lead lines. Each sign-up you get is a lead line, and when they refer more people…their first 3 sign ups are yours. Do a simple math – if you refer only 10 people, you have 10 lead lines, so when they refer their first 3 you get 30 leads, 50 and you get 150, so on and so forth.

There is yet another option for those who do not want to wait until they gather 3 referrals, to kick start their own lead lines. They can opt for the upgrade of their account. All the above given details are for free members. There is a premium membership option and those who opt for that, can get started with their own lead lines right away. This is a wonderful way to generate optins for your primary ventures,
Which are linked to your Lead Skimmer account! Also the Premium membership has a feature where you can add one of your best offers to the login page, so that means every time a lead of yours logs into their account, they will first see an offer from you on a full page. They have the option of checking out your offer that will open in a new window, or continuing onto their LS account. Every time they log in they will see the same offer from you, until you decide to change it and offer something else. Upgrading is easy. You get access to Lead Skimmer back office when you sign up. Once there, you click the Upgrade button and pay $44.95, a one-time fee. That’s it, you can now start generating your own sign-ups immediately, and you can add your own offer for when your leads log in, and you can immediately start linking your auto-responder offer and email series you may have already set up.

So now…every lead you generate has to get you 3 leads. That is how Lead Skimmer works and builds your list and builds your business and increases your income. Once inside you will soon see that Lead Skimmer builds your list much faster that you can imagine!

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