Talk on Nature Cure

Dr. Arun Sharma was recently in Hyderabad.

He gave a talk in Our Sacred Space as well as at a friend’s home. Here are some pictures from both events and highlights from the second talk.

“We are what we have made ourselves to be.” This sentence is both a promise and a warning. If we live as Nature intended, we reap the benefits. If we violate, then we have sickness and sorrow. Physical and mental well-being are both important. If you increase your physical well-being,
but your mental state is spoilt, that’s not correct.

Our mind and body should be aligned. We tend to listen to the mind more
than the body. So, our mind wants carrot halwa, but our body wants the carrot.

Food and Eating
Our body is not a dustbin. Each action (especially in the context of food) has two reactions. One is the immediate reaction, and the other is the long-term one. Always take the action with the long-term benefit. For example, exercise or eating salads may be challenging in the immediate term, but is very beneficial in the long-term.

Don’t eat when you are not hungry. We use spices to make food enticing so we eat when we are not hungry. Very few people only eat when they are hungry; most eat by the clock. Remember ‘Life in Food, not food in life.’

Fruits and vegetables have water, fibre, and life (cooking kills this life). There is positive food and negative food. Positive is all the fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw. Gives you quick digestion, easy absorption and all the nutrients and micro- nutrients that they body needs. Eat foods that increase the alkaline in your body, and reduce foods that are acidic. Subtler the food, higher the potency, i.e., the strength to bring change
in the body and mind. Negative foods destroy health. (It is ok to eat them occasionally, but most of the time, as routine, eat positive foods.) Eating late at night ruins digestion. We should eat according to the sun (be done by sunset).

Meat: A number of people eat meat. Look at how a tiger or leopard does it. After killing and eating a deer, it will not hunt for many days. It will be digesting that meat. Other deer know its safe to roam around a tiger who has just eaten. So, while the human body is designed to be vegetarian (we don’t have the teeth, jaws or digestive system of carnivores), if you do eat
meat, be mindful of it. It takes 6-8 hours to digest that meat in your stomach, so don’t eat anything immediately after. Keep that gap in mind.

Milk: We are the only animal that drinks milk after the first year (and that too the milk of another animal!). We don’t let the calf have what is its food. Milk produces mucus, and should not be had especially for children who have asthma or get colds, etc. We can get protein and nutrients from so many other sources. Curd is better than milk, and buttermilk
is better than curd.

Salt: Body tends to retain salt. Excess salt also makes us very thirsty and we drink more water which gets retained. Best not to salt cooked food while cooking, do so afterwards. To remove excess water in body (especially for overweight people) eat raw (and unsalted) positive foods that are high in potassium like bananas, tomatoes, ash gourd and cucumbers.

Learn to fast. Once a week for 24 hours. When you first start fasting the clock really slows down  In our long camps we do 48 hours fast and everyone finds the 2 nd day is easier as the mind stops obsessing about food. It is also easier to do as a group. People think fasting means it’s ok to eat somethings. But fasting means not eating anything. Only water.

Illness and Disease
Why are our hospitals so full? Because everyone is eating what they should not. Operations are commercial ventures. In case of any illness or disease, change your food, get more exercise, stand in the sun – you will see the results. We see it in our Nature Cure one-week camps. People come with heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, weight problems. We don’t
do special things; just sunlight, walking, yoga, treatments, and they go away better. We create ‘traffic jams’ in our bodies – in the heart, in the lungs, in the knees. All of this is the accumulation of ‘dirt’ in the body. A clean body is health. An unclean body is disease. We become obsessed with our single disease (whether heart or diabetes or anything else). It
changes our personality and drives how we live (‘can’t eat this’, ‘can’t do that’…). Do we do anything to actually improve our health? Medicines bring relief but don’t necessarily cure us. And all medicines have side effects. We eat medicines out of fear of what might happen.
Animals heal themselves (they fast, they sit in the sun, they eat grass). We are the only animal that goes to hospital!

Can we do without medicines? Before we go towards medicines can you try:
Ether, Air, Sunlight, Water and Earth In our camps we teach you how to use all these so that diseases can be cured.

As long as there is a cause, there will be an effect. The cause needs to be addressed. It is easier to try (with medicines) and work on the effects/symptoms. Our cells in our body are continuously replacing and replenishing. But the health quality of those new cells is determined by you. You can change the cells in your body, improve them all without any surgery.  Disease is life’s effort to bring you back to health.

Five factors for a healthy life
All these are well-known and old facts, nothing new. We just need to practice them.

  1. Ample exercise: you don’t need to go to a gym. Do lots of gardening, sweeping your own house, skipping rope, jumping jacks, push-ups… Exercise every day.
  2. Adequate rest: when you are tired, rest (don’t eat). Get enough sleep, regularly.
  3. Positive food: already discussed this. It is something that you can eat by itself without cooking, without masalas. Learn to fast.
  4. Positive thinking: especially when we are sick it is important to remember that we have made ourselves sick and it has come to clean the body. Whatever has a beginning has an end. Worrying about it only worsens the problem. So, think positive, do pranayama, yoga, meditation. Cultivate good thoughts.
  5. Engage in activities that promote your passion: Whatever your age, pursue what you are passionate about. It could be art, gardening whatever it is. Our life gets titled towards work that is removed from passion. This point is a health rule because if you do what you are passionate about, you will not tire, you will feel good and be healthy.
    We need to live a life full of joy. What’s the point of living a long life of difficulty and disease?

Thank you.